Monday, May 7, 2012

What makes iLink Systems different from other System Integrators ?

What makes iLink Systems different from other  System Integrators ?

There are many things, but I think one of the aspects that differentiate us is how we prepare the field, so to speak, to help our customers with upcoming projects.  We call these preparations frameworks.

What makes iLink System’s frameworks unique is the fact that we create pre-built modules that can help you deliver critical information, services, and software tools to the right users. Our nearly complete solutions reduce time to market, support best practices, and improve ROI.

Let me put this in plain terms - frameworks help us to complete your projects faster, reduce delivery costs, and in general create a better product for you. That is because we are 30% to 40% done on day 1 because we have pre-built the most likely scenarios based on best practices and industry-standard designs. For example:

With an iLink Self-service BI Framework, everyone in an organization can gather information from ERM, CRM, ERP, POS, inventory management, HR and payroll systems. Then using familiar software tools, they can create and view reports, share information and documents, and analyze results.

The iLink Systems Legal Case Management Framework can help you automate work flow; integrate Microsoft Outlook (email, calendar, contacts, and tasks) and Word; and administer document collaboration in small and mid-size law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies. Use familiar software tools to create and view reports, share information and documents, set up tasks, and analyze results.

The OpsTrac  Service and Operations Management Software Framework enables companies to manage trouble tickets, organize work, map/dispatch service workers to the closest location and provide performance data that can be measured properly. OpsTrac helps avoid duplicating work, reduces inventory requirements, and increases service satisfaction with email and phone notifications to service workers as needed.

Another key aspect is that we value our customers and work hard to become a trusted advisor through webinars, events, and other kinds of information-sharing activities. In fact, Microsoft is so impressed they have joined with us to promote our frameworks around the country.