Monday, August 13, 2012

List of iLink Software Development Frameworks

List of iLink Software Development Frameworks


       iLink frameworks are ready-to-deploy solutions that are built with an intent to solve standard problems        found in an industry vertical or in a horizontal practice.

  Value proposition

  • Frameworks are free to use - get 20% of your problems out of the way for free.
  • Frameworks offer reliable and quality solutions – built on Microsoft technologies and hence guarantee high scalability, flexibility and availability.
  • Ready-to-deploy solutions will help you save precious development cycles.
  • Be fully convinced before adopting a solution – you can experience and evaluate our frameworks live in action.
  •  Frameworks help you minimize risks associated with your initiative - industry best practices and design patterns incorporated in the framework development ensure robustness.
  • Robust frameworks will help you reduce the time to take your solutions to market.
  •  Re-usable frameworks allow fast and easy customizations to suit your business needs.
       Why is iLink different?

  •        We let you evaluate our expertise upfront through frameworks that demonstrate -
  •        Our domain expertise reflected through identification of business critical problems of a given industry 
  •        Our technology expertise reflected through our ability to apply cutting edge technologies to deliver     high quality solutions
  •       Our frameworks help you verify the feasibility of our proposed solutions before you decide to adapt them in your critical business applications
  •       "What you see is what you get" - frameworks are ready-to-use
  •        Frameworks are designed to be reusable – a team of experts can quickly customize our existing  frameworks to suit your business needs
  •      Our frameworks are already helping AT & T, Siemens, Honeywell and NCE solve their critical business problems.
            iLink’s frameworks are currently offered free of any licensing costs and provided as part of development  of solution to you.

            To get more information on these frameworks please visit here or contact (Ph: 404-536-2702).