Thursday, March 14, 2013

Windows 8 Application Development - A Trendsetter from Microsoft!

In Microsoft, the Updates and Product improvements are progressed endlessly to secure a paramount position to hasten novel technologies towards assisting their customers in a better and comfort way. Being a market front runner in PC Operating and Office suite Microsoft has an overwhelming thirst in innovating new application developments to stay connected with their tech savvy customers and wanted to be beyond their imaginations.

Windows 8 application development, a new operating system from Microsoft brought momentous changes to the operating system's world which can be run on any platform say PC, Laptops, Tablet PC, and home theater PCs as well. Windows 8 has received a huge attention of different people especially techies and industry specific business communities. Windows 8 extensively redesigned to a "Modern UI-style" with full UI control in order to focus towards improving its user experience.

Microsoft's Windows 8 application development exploits HTML 5 in unique ways which are never ever seen in technology. The Changes in the architecture of the Internet through HTML 5 will remain for the next ten years and will impact nearly every establishment and technology around the globe. The promotional level of HTML 5 has rapidly increased by Microsoft along with their technology partners due to its potentiality for application development

iLink Systems – A windows 8 application development Company Having extensive experience with Microsoft Development Platforms as well being a Managed Partner, iLink has a long history of working with Microsoft on several products from pre-beta stage.

As one of the early adopter of Windows 8, iLink undergoes rigorous trainings, workshops on Windows 8 and well equipped to address the market demand on Windows 8.

iLink boasts several Windows 8 applications for Web, Desktop, Mobile and Slate for some of its elite clients, and have several Windows 8 projects in pipeline.

iLink is leveraging resources trained in the critical competencies of HTML5 to help your organization understand and act on the benefits of HTML5 also provide industry specific solutions using Windows 8.

As a Windows 8 Go-to Partner, iLink provides solutions for major industries like communication sector, Health and Life Science, Media and Cable, Oil and Gas, Banking, Insurances ,Manufacturing, Education and Power & Utilities as well which will set a new trend for Microsoft’s  Operating Systems in the future years.