Friday, November 8, 2013

Patient Engagement Framework – An innovative way to be healthier

Patient Engagement Framework – An innovative way to be healthier

Many researchers say that patients who know and take act with respect to their personal health and health care choices, will have improved health upshots and have minor healthcare overheads. The more we engage and become active participants in our own health, the less healthcare services we'll need and healthier lives we'll lead. Hence, it is vital that healthcare service providers to concentrate on patient engagement.  Patient Engagement system is an interactive medium for patients and Health & Life Sciences organizations to improve health outcomes.

Yet, Patient engagement isn’t simply the concern of the healthcare service providers. Effective Patient Engagement is achieved only when the patients turn into actively involved and healthcare system erudite which means the patients should know their role in the healthcare practice cycle. Recognizing this win-win opportunity, Health and Life Sciences executives are seeking the right balance of incentives and online tools to engage consumers in proactively improving their health habits as a means to not only control medical costs but also improve the health of their patients, members or consumers.

With a large number of successful deployments of Healthcare solutions, iLink exclusively focuses on Patient Engagement system and offer implementation and support services, education, and software enhancement services. iLink’s Patient Engagement Framework provides wellness solutions for patients by consolidating personal health information into one easily accessible account. This helps them to become more informed and active in managing their personal health.

The Patient Engagement Framework can help boost personal well-being, cut health care costs and increase participation in clinical studies and other activities that benefit the patient and the health and life sciences industry iLink's Patient Engagement Framework is an inter operable framework that allows Health and Life Sciences organizations to directly engage members in health-related decision-making, while enabling seamless information exchange among hundreds of different health services and devices.

Engaging patients/members/consumers fully and effectively requires real-time collaboration capabilities, including the ability to discuss the same information through multiple channels such as smart phones, text messaging, instant messaging, virtual chat agents, email, and web conferencing. Collaboration features include:

·         Unify information presented on member, coach, physician, and health worker portals
·         Integrate information from various medical systems
·         Facilitate end-to-end collaboration between patients, members, coaches, physicians, and other healthcare providers by enabling aggregation, organization, and search capabilities
·         Deliver data and information to patients and members wherever they are through mobile channels
·         Unify communication between patients, members and coaches
·         As a healthcare Solution provider, iLink can offer an effective Patient engagement solution by using Patient Engagement Framework that gives the patients as well the healthcare service providers the following benefits,
·         Increases the influence of Providers, Health Plans, Pharma and Care Managers by politely engaging patients/members in conversations at the appropriate time
·         Requests daily or weekly updates on various health benchmarks from patients/members while delivering tips to them on healthy living
·         Provides instant feedback on self-monitoring to shape and reinforce health behaviors
·         Issues reminders regarding scheduled medication, testing, and doctor appointments
·         Reduces recruitment time for clinical trials with online screening
·         Monitors patient behaviors with social media and mobile devices
·         Works more effectively with patients and family members to increase compliance and build relationships.