Thursday, February 12, 2015

iLink develops Voice Activated Search Aggregator on Mobile Platforms

iLink has developed a Voice Activated Search Aggregator that can aggregate content from various sources such as Search Engines (Google and Bing), Enterprise Knowledge Base(s), Organizational Learning Management Systems etc.  This search is activated either by Voice or as a text based search.  This search is currently available in iOS, Android and Windows Mobile Platforms apart from Web.  Such a search would come in very handy to enable people search from a hub rather than go to individual content sources within and outside the organization.  The more the content sources, they can be easily configured to become part of this aggregation and the search expanse becomes broader.
This search is being extended to leverage internal collaboration feeds such as Yammer and iLink plans to extend this to integrate SalesForce Chatter, at a later date.  iLink has made this available in all Mobile Platforms such that people can use this on the move very much like Siri (Apple) or Cortana (Windows).  iLink plans to build Machine Learning capabilities into this Search Aggregator so that it can learn from your history and prompt search results appropriately depending on your earlier searches.
This search can be extended to aggregate from various content management systems used within Global Enterprises.
iLink specializes in Mobility Consulting, Mobile Application Development, Mobile enablement, Mobile Marketing etc.  iLink has developed various B2B, B2C and Enterprise Mobile Applications that cater to diverse industry segments such as Retail, Education, Commercial, O&G, Telco and has helped various ISVs launch their Mobile Platforms through turnkey projects.
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Business & IT Modernization

Your path to the modern business! Make technology a business advantage. Let us help you choose your own path to modernizing your business through technology.


Be it Enterprise, Midsize or Small business, technology can make the difference in driving your company ahead. Modernizing your IT can set you apart from your competitors, whatever size they may be. But how do you get there?

We can help. Our expertise and solutions provide something different—a unique approach for making the benefits of modern technology a reality for businesses. Our solutions empower businesses by making technology a business advantage. You can choose your own path to modernizing your business with solutions that address your business goals—whether growing sales, increasing efficiency, enabling a mobile workforce, or keeping data protected. We offer complete, flexible, and trusted solutions that span the entire IT ecosystem, from server to cloud, and desktop to mobile devices. We offer business solutions designed to address your business goals and challenges across four key areas:

Office 365 Exchange Migration

Exchange Online is a hosted email solution that gives users functionalities such as email, calendar, tasks and contacts. These functionalities are delivered as cloud-based services and users can access them via PCs, web and mobile devices . It gives administrators a rich environment where they have access to Active Directory and can implement group policies and more. This cloud based service is hosted and run by Microsoft in its data centers all over the world.
Like any other migration, organizations moving to Office 365 Exchange Online from their existing email environment need to do it in a careful and planned way to ensure success and minimize problems and downtime. Exchange Online migration will require not only a detailed, well-thought out plan, but also personnel who are skilled in Exchange, security, Active Directory, DNS, firewalls, networking, group policies and more. iLink has this expertise and has successfully implemented Exchange Migration projects at a number of clients, large and small, in a variety of industries. Therefore iLink is ready and well-equipped to take on your Exchange Online migration project and drive it to a successful conclusion, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

iLink specializes in Office 365 Exchange Online migration and follows the approach mentioned below:

  • Current Exchange cleanup as required
  • Follow and implement security requirements
  • Upgrade Outlook where necessary
  • Domain name
  • User provisioning, data migration
  • Single sign-on, authentication
  • Group policies, and much more
The approach followed also covers scenarios such as: staged or cutover migration, rich co-existence with free/busy sharing, DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and Retention Policies, Multi Forest migration, Re-routing (Postini, Barracuda, etc.), Mobile Provisioning (Mobile Iron, Good, Sophos), AD cleanup and consolidation, AD Functional Upgrade, and more.

iLink's Office 365 Exchange Migration focuses on the following considerations

  • Develop and follow a plan and timeline
  • Customize and integrate with other software and systems as needed
  • Minimize downtime, if any, and no loss of data
Based on the initial assessment, iLink recommends a suitable Exchange Migration strategy, gets customer buy-in and then focuses on flawless and on-time execution. In addition, iLink follows best practices, tools and guidelines provided by Microsoft for Office 365 Exchange Migration.

iLink's Office 365 Exchange Migration relies on the following migration pillars for success

  • Developing a complete, detailed migration plan that identifies critical steps, resources, timelines and any unique requirements or customizations needed
  • Engaging experienced, competent personnel with expertise in the technologies and steps involved
  • Setting appropriate and realistic expectations, especially regarding timelines
  • Periodic checkpoints for reviewing progress
  • 100% customer satisfaction
iLink has extensive experience and expertise in overall Office 365 assessment, planning and deployment. And, in particular, iLink has successfully completed Exchange and SharePoint Online migrations with several large and small customers. These projects have included many different kinds of technologies where iLink developed, as required, customized solutions to fit the exact customer needs. For a high-level overview of iLink’s Office 365 solution offerings, please visit:

Fiind fosters Upsell and Cross sell in Financial Services through Predictive Analytics

Businesses spend 5-10% of revenues on reaching, winning and retaining customers.  The conversion rates and return on spend is typically low.  Customer acquisition and retention are one of Financial Services Industry's biggest problems.  iLink's Fiind provides a Smart Prospecting Platform to enrich the prospect information in Financial Services Companies' CRM systems with social data from Facebook, Twitter etc. along with 30+ other open sources and uses predictive alogrithms to identify prospects that are most interested in the product portfolio of Financial Services Companies.

Fiind improves ROI of Financial Services Institutions by reducing the cost of acquiring a customer.  It identifies prospects that are under-served and highly profitable.  A regional bank in U.S and a high tech services have subscribed to Fiind to improve their Customer Prospecting and Retention.

Fiind uses micro-segmentation to map right products to right customers.  It uses usage data to map right products to right customers.  It uses compelling event data to map right products to right customers.  It uses persona and contextual attributes to upsell and cross sell, prevent churn.

Fiind provides to Financial Services institutions more timely and accurate information for daily risk management.  It can enhance consistency of valuations across asset classes for Derivative Traders whilst helping Financial Services institutions meeting regulatory demands.

Fiind is available in both On-premise and on Cloud.  It leverages Azure's Machine Learning Capabilities and R Programming Language.  Fiind provides APIs that can be used to access Fiind's data ingestion, parsing, analytics and insight capabilities.  Financial Services Organizations can use these APIs to integrate Fiind in their Line of Business (LoB) applications.

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