Monday, March 7, 2016

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  • Digital consumers: Customers are better informed than the associates and hospitality brands work hard to increase their level of customer engagement and brand promise.
  • Workforce development: High employee turnover affects profits. With a turnover rate of around 60 percent for low-level employees, employee attraction, and retention is a top issue for the hospitality industry. Executives and general managers must balance the industry's relatively low wages with training and management track programs. As well, trained employees increase customer satisfaction.
  • Gaining customer insights: Hospitality organization have large volumes of data on their customers’ behavior, but they don’t necessarily have the right tools to interpret that data or know what to do with it. Data about customers and their behavior history, combined with their social media activity data, can be analyzed and help the business add value to the guest experience.
  • Changing business models: Today’s digital consumers are creating a sense of urgency for hospitality organizations to take the last decade of digital marketing activities and reorganize, add new skills, formalize processes, and build out an operation that can exploit data and technology. Funding innovation and guest engagement means that cost reduction is critical. In addition, the platform for the development and delivery of business applications should support the customers' expectations of the travel process. A key example is the need for enhancing Internet-based passenger reservation systems. 
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